WP5 Wave Structure Interaction

The objective of this WP is to broaden our understanding and knowledge on the wave loads and responses of future types of cost-efficient structures that can meet the demand for large-scale harvest of food and energy, as well as new type of coastal infrastructure, with rational models for wave-structure interaction as a goal.

Trygve Kristiansen

Professor - NTNU IMT
Trygve Kristiansen
Professor - NTNU IMT

Novel concepts require dedicated studies. Wave-current-structure interaction is one of the main elements. For both existing and novel fish farms, as well as floating solar, several needs are identified in the research task below. For offshore wind and floating bridges, ports and cities, general needs are identified, but specific research tasks are to be decided during the project. Some of the research tasks that will be addressed are: 

  • Hydrodynamic interaction between large-volume bodies and nets
  • Membranes and elastic tori in combination as decks for solar panels
  • Snap loads in nets and membranes
  • Hydrodynamic interaction for massively modular structures