WP2 Digital Fjordlab

Senior Research Scientist
+47 40 33 20 32

The overall objective is to reduce the threshold for designers to develop innovative coastal structures and designs, by developing a system where a designer can easily explore or experiment with different concepts for a given site, while utilizing the latest models developed by researchers to represent different aspects of the analysis, from site and environmental description, to structural loads and responses.

The current design process for marine and coastal structures is complex, including environmental impact assessment, concession application, wind, wave and current measurement campaigns, site investigations, establishing design actions, conceptual design, detailed design, construction, installation, maintenance and plan for decommissioning. This may be a high bar for developers of novel concepts. To reduce this threshold, an integrated workbench, Digital Fjordlab, will be implemented. This will give access to background wind, wave, current and tide data for any selected site along the Norwegian coatline and can import, keep and integrate data from specific site investigations. Based on this data, Digital Fjordlab will provide reliable design conditions and design actions for the designer, and finally communicate seamlessly with established desgin tools. The workbench will rely on current state-of-hte art models and software tools. Adopting the current up-coming standards for data communication and integration, the workbench facilitates utilisation of new reseach outcomes in the form of mathematical models and simulation tools. A critical issue is to ensure that the system gives reliable output. Data from the E39-project will provide extensive and valuable benchmarks for validation for environmental conditions. There is also a large untapped source of data in the measurement campaigns performed for aquaculture sites along the Norwegian coastline The model and full-scale measurements provide the validation source for the structural and response models.