WP1 Novel Concepts

Senior Research Scientist
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The innovation objective is to support developers of novel ocean structures, by bringing together industry experts and research communities to discuss and solve complex technical issues. The scientific objective is to identify and understand technology and knowledge needs, and to convert these into research activities that can be addressed and pursued by the other WPs.

The distinct requirements for novel floating structures for renewable energy production (floating offshore wind, floating solar plants), food production (aquaculture), and coastal infrastructure (floating tunnels and bridges, floating terminals and docks, and floating recreational or urban facilities) with respect to function, cost, sustainability and operability will be identified. To define developmental needs, it will be important to understand which features characterize novel marine structures, and what differences compared to traditional marine structures are. Further, it will be essential to identify how novel marine structures challenge present design methods and design tools, and which new knowledge and physical understanding is required to realise them. The composition of partners in BLUES will make it possible to understand the needs from reseach via engineering and technology providers, to end users and operators.