Education at Master, PhD and Postdoc level

Students in SFI BLUES are integrated tightly into the research tasks, with the goal of making the education relevant for the students and of interest for industry. PhD and Postdocs will present their work at the annual Consortium Days.



Sébastien Laflèche is the first PHD-student in SFI BLUES

Sébastien Laflèche is the first PhD-student in SFI BLUES. He started in January 2021. The working title on this PhD-thesis is "Experimental and numerical methods for coastal waves". His research will be performed under work package 4 Marine Environment. Babak Ommani (SINTEF Ocean(NTNU) will be the main supervisor, while Trygve Kristiansen (NTNU) and Sébastien Fouques (SINTEF Ocean) will be co-supervisors. Sébastien Laflèche completed his MSc in 2020 at École Centrale Paris, with master thesis at SINTEF Ocean on the quality of wave generation in an ocean basin. 

Recruitment in 2021

SFI BLUES will need expertise within all work packages. Recruitment of PhD-students and postdocs will continue in 2021. Two PhD students will be recruited at NTNU, while MET and NGI will recruit one postdoc each. The centre's associated partner DTU will together with NTNU, hire a PhD. This PhD will contribute to work package 5. The centre will encourage exchange of PhD and post doc candidates with its international partner and associated partners.