The main objective of SFI BLUES is to enable Norwegian industry to create new types of floating stationary structures which satisfy the needs and requirements from renewable energy, aquaculture and coastal infrastructure.

The world is facing several industrial and societal challenges, and the ocean provides great opportunities which can contribute to solving several of them. Due to the ongoing transition in the world's energy mix to meet the goals stated in the Paris agreement, the need for clean energy is now global. Changes in diets and an increase in the world's population also generate a need for safe and healthy food. Further, in a changing climate, requests for increased mobility, as well as shortage on area, introduce a need for resilient infrastructure in coastal waters for transportation as well as industrial and residential developments.

Floating support structures have a huge potential for contributing to solving these challenges, but new applications imply new needs and requirements to safety, sustainability, cost, function and operation. This leads to structures where we have limited experience. These structures will be diverse, but they have essential needs in common.

Key research and industry partners work together in SFI BLUES in a joint effort to solve common scientific challenges. This will enable novel floating structures for future needs, which contribute to solutions for global challenges. The industry partners represent complete value chains across several markets and therefore SFI BLUES has a large potential to contribute to increased value creation

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