Industry partners and contact persons

Industry partner Description Contact  person
Aker BP ASA Operating company. Martin Knut Straume
Equinor ASA Operating company. Pål Hemmingsen
Wintershall DEA Norge Operating company. Frode Angell-Olsen
BakerHughes Products and services to the energy industry. Well construction and completion. Aadne Barstad
Bergen Technology Centre - Archer Well integrity diagnosis. Develops, produce and support logging services. Knut Olav Håvik
CannSeal Annular isolation plugs to O&G industry. Tailored epoxy solutions, specific tools. Bengt Gunnarson
Disruptive Value Group Materials for the process industry incl. well plugging Per Gunnar Aas
eDrilling Software and services for drilling and wellbore operations. Sven Inge Ødegård
Elogix Digital workflows and engineering systems. Andreas Fliss
Exedra Well integrity verification method for permanent P&A. Bernt Pedersen
Flopetrol Well Barrier  Products and applications of well barrier elements using a blended sand-slurry Stig Hetlevik
Funzionano Hybrid nanoparticles for improved material properties.  Morten Eikenes
GCE NODE Partnering in R&D projects for member companies in the energy sector. Tom Fidjeland
Huisman Design and manufacturing of drilling equipm. to the energy industries Jan Atle Andresen
Hydrawell Deliver Perf-wash-cement plugs  and systems. Markus Iuell
Innovation Energy Wireline downhole tools for casing removal. Carlos Javier Delgado
Maersk Decom Full-service provider of decommissioning services. Ole Udsen
Net Zero TC (UK) Centre (formerly OGTC),  decom technologies for O&G, incl. offshore renewables.  Gillian White
Prores Software and technology to the petroleum industry. P&A planning methodology. Ola Naeverdal
ReStone Vision to create value from waste rock. Special well-cement recipies.  Jill A Clausen
Saferock Develops artificial rock (geopolymers) for well applications. Espen Lea
ScanWell Sevices for monitoring, evaluate and optimize well integrity and well barriers. Morten Kvernvold
Schlumberger Provider of technology for drilling & production a.o. Cementing services Nicolas Flamant
Stratum Reservoir (Norway) Laboratory and other services and equipment for reservoir characterization Russell Watson
Tyrfing Innovation  Tools for drilling through casing and cement for plugging and for slot expansion Morten Lerbrekk
WellGuard Verification of cement integrity. Through tubing logging. Eirik Espe
Wellstrøm Wireline intervention of Bismuth-based P&A technologies. Gert Rege


R&D partners and contact persons

R&D partner Description Contact person Contact person e-mail
SINTEF Centre host Harald Linga
NORCE R&D partner Erlend Randeberg  
IFE R&D partner Viktoriya Yarushina
NTNU R&D partner Sigbjørn Sangesland
UiS R&D partner Mahmoud Khalifeh  

International university partners

University  Selected topic
Hokkaido University Sustainable resources engineering, well barrier applications.
Universiteit Utrecht HPHT wellbore laboratory, CCS, casing-cement-formation interfaces.
Skoltech- Skolkovo institute of Science and Technology Geomecahnics, thermoscanning of microcracks, acoustic sensors.
UFRJ -  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro COPPE Wellbore applications.
UFRJ - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro LabCORR COPPE Metallurgy and metrials, corrosion and integrity.
University of British Columbia University Well barriers performance and placement, cementing.
University of Oklahoma Well barrier application, geological engineering.
Unicamp - University of Campinas Well interrity, safety and reliability.
PUC-Rio  Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rock mechanics, wellbore construction and integrity.
PUCRS -  Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul Well integrity, cement degradation, HPHT, resilience engineering.
ITA - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica  Oil and gas engineering. Development of game changing technologies, P&A.
USP - University of Sao Paulo Well barrier -elements and integrity. Risks and reliability.