Nutrimar AS (Nutrimar) is a Norwegian biomarine company that is directly coupled to InnovaMar, one of the largest and most efficient salmon processing plant in the world..

Nutrimar’s product portfolio is derived from salmon-and-chicken by-product as well as harvesting of fresh kelp. Finish products are oil, meal and spray dried hydrolysate, while the kelp line produces dried stipe and fronds. Nutrimar strives to produce high quality products from the company's large supply of fresh raw material. The focus in the SFI-IB is considered to be highly relevant for the company and opens new opportunities for the development of new products targeting the food and feed sector. New enzymes, chemoenzymatic processing of biomass, upscaling and downstream processing are examples of technologies that will support the company's innovation pipelines. With several companies working with enzymes and biomass processes in the consortium, synergies are expected. Furthermore, close collaboration with the involved ROs in the SFI, including their infrastructure, will be highly beneficial for Nutrimar.

Nutrimar is an industry partner in the project. 




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Industriveien 23, 7266 Kverva, Norway
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