Borregaard is operating one of the world's most advanced biorefineries. Using natural, renewable raw materials, certified wood, the company produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals that can replace oil-based products.

Within SFI-IB Borregaard's main interest is biocatalytic tools for processing of lignocellulose. There is a need for an improved national platform for industrial production of recombinant proteins, including a filamentous fungus platform, and associated protocols for fermentation and Down-stream processing, all activities supported by SFI-IB and it's clear synergies between Borregaard and several of the other partners that will be beneficial.

Borregaard is an industry partner in the project. 



Borregaard AS

Hjalmar Wessels vei 6, 1701 Sarpsborg, Norway
+ phone +47 69 11 80 00
Borregaard AS
Hjalmar Wessels vei 6, 1701 Sarpsborg, Norway
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