SECOMAS - Spectrum Efficient COMmunication for future Aeronautical Services


Spectrum Efficient COMmunication for future Aeronautical Services

Over the next decades the volume of air traffic is expected to more than double. This growth presents us with a series of problems, one of which the exhaustion of the available radio spectrum for aeronautical communications.

In this project SINTEF and NTNU will address this problem by way of state-of-the-art spectrum efficient communications. Also, modern networking technology will be utilized to satisfy the future service requirements related to aeronautical traffic management (ATM).

The goal of the project is to build up knowledge about the aeronautical communication channels in the form of realistic and tractable models. These will be used to evaluate systems performance and for large-scale simulations. Obtaining an understanding of the needs and technological challenges of our partners of the national ATM industry is also a goal.

This knowledge capital will enable SINTEF and NTNU to work with the national as well as international ATM industry towards the future of aeronautical communications technology.

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  • 09.01.07: SECOMAS received funding from VERDICT program
  • 08.02.07: Kick-off meeting in Oslo
  • 28.06.07: An article on SECOMAS is published in Adresseavisen

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