Upcoming Events

The MARINA and NanoValid International Conference will be held at the OECD Conference Centre. MARINA and NanoValid FP7 projects will present their final results to the European Commission, scientific community, industry, regulators and policy makers. NANoREG will present regulatory implications of nanomaterials.


“This congress continues the series of international nanotoxicology meetings that has included: 2006 Miami, 2008 Zurich, 2010 Edinburgh, and 2012 Beijing. Commercialization of emerging nanotechnologies influences societal responses to their development and applications and demands for better evaluations of their effects on the environment and human health. The Congress will create opportunities for participants to present and share experiences, explore new directions and debate topics with experts from across the globe in the field of nanotoxicology.”


“In the true spirit of SETAC, this major international conference will be the bridge that brings together experts from academia, government and industry. The conference will focus on the most recent advances in environmental sciences and will provide a platform for how to implement this knowledge to improve environmental risk assessment and shape policies – from current viewpoints to future needs.”






Published February 15, 2011