Deborah Oughton

Norwegian Univeristy of Life Sciences 

Competence: UMB. The Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), is one of the leading Norwegian research groups in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology, with a recognised international profile. They have been involved as a contactor in more than 15 EU projects from the 4th to the 7th framework, and led an NFR project on developing methods for tracing nanoparticles (NANOTRACE 2008-2010), and are presently involved in three other NFR and Nordic funded projects on nanoecotoxicology (in collaboration with other members of the Norwegian National Platform (e.g., NanoEnvironment, ENPERA). The group has an internationally recognised expertise on the influence of pollutant speciation on transfer, bioavailability and effects, specifically the impact of colloids, as well as the application of advanced tracer and radiochemical techniques in nanoparticle characterisation. In the present project they can contribute with NP characterisation, including in natural aquatic and terrestrial media, and tracing techniques to follow fate and mobility. 

Infrastructure: In addition to standard techniques for nanoparticle characterisation such as TEM and SEM, ultrafiltration, and MS, this includes a long-term collaboration with the Syncrotron facilities in Grenoble, and Hasylab, Germany as well as advanced radioisotope and stable isotope labelling of NPs for mobility, fate and bioavailability studies.

Fields of scientific interest

My major interests are in the area of environmental fate, with particular emphasis in these areas:



Year(s) Project name Project description
  Synchrotron analysis – collaboration Hasylab   
  NFR NanoEnvironment  
  EU STAR and DoReMi 7FP project uranium nanoparticle characterisation and toxicology





    Conference Presentations

    Published February 13, 2011