WP6: Contribution to education

The objective of this WP is to strengthen the education of applied power electronics at NTNU on topics related to reliability of power semiconductors. Furthermore, to provide post-experience courses for researchers and engineers.

WP highlights (May 2017):

  • A two year PostDoc position at NTNU
      • Employment under processing, assumed startup mid 2017
      • Topics within methods for failure detection, condition monitoring and lifetime prediction of power semiconductors
  • Student projects NTNU
      • SINTEF offering topics for student specialization project and master project
      • Co-supervisors by SINTEF staff
      • In 2016-2017 a student specialization project and master project on assessment of accelerated life time test methods used for IGBTs, and applicability for Silicon Carbide devices 
  • Student exchange SINTEF/NTNU and TU Chemnitz 
      • Topics from planned ReliPE Work Packages
      • TU Chemnitz internship students visiting SINTEF/NTNU; Supervised by SINTEF staff
      • NTNU student visiting TU Chemnitz; Supervised by TU Chemnitz staff
      • In 2017 two TU Chemnitz students are at SINTEF for six month internships