WP5: Real-time condition monitoring and prediction 

Objective: To exploit results achieved in WP1, WP2 and WP4 for development of a methodology for online estimation of present component status and of remaining lifetime or time to repair. Secondly, the methodology should be able to detect abnormal operation conditions and give early warning of failures.

WP highlights (May 2017):

  • Reassessing methodologies examined in the previous research (OPE project)
      • The validity of applying Miners rule is found to be questionable due to mutuality between different stress conditions levels
      • Inputs to the WP4 test program for special investigations like regarding correlations between different stress conditions
  • Dynamic real-time estimation of IGBT hot-spot temperature conditions (semiconductor chips) based on dynamic models for thermal impedances
      • Implementing a 1st approach by applying National Instruments hw/sw tools
      • 1st approach assuming only conduction losses
      • A mix of monitoring and calculating variables
      • 2nd approach to include switching losses  
  • Other methodologies as references for own investigations
      • Provided a commercial driver system for reference measurements 
  • Methods for real-time power cycling accumulation and sorting
      • Initial works
      • Algorithms for power cycling counting
      • Assuming dynamic online estimation of semiconductor hot-spot temperature conditions 
  • Methods for online estimation of remaining lifetime based on accumulated history
      • Detailed planning following outcome from abovementioned highlights