WP1: Provide reference components and topologies

Objective: Electrical and thermal dynamic models will be developed for numerical as well as for real time simulation of temperature stress conditions of the component hot-spot areas. A set of representative converter topologies and semiconductor components for high voltage power conversion will be provided. By case studies, the provided tools will be demonstrated by assessing thermal stress and efficiency for the relevant high voltage converter topologies depending on operation modes.

WP highlights (May 2017): 

  • Providing accurate thermal models for 1000A/3300V IGBT test objects (ref. WP4) for case simulations.
      • By FEM simulations and by experiments.
      • Including cross-coping effects between IGBT chips and free-wheeling diode chips. 
  • Developed thermal electrical simulation models (Simulink) for two MMC topology variants, and test simulations.