Raman Seminar 31 Mai 2010 at the University of Oslo
Organized by The Norwegian Raman Center, at the University of Oslo, Dept. of Chemistry Address: The Chemistry Building.,Sem Sælands vei 26, 0371 OSLO

  • Raman spectroscopy: What is Raman?
  • Raman in Studies of Surfaces / Thin layers
  • Raman in Studies of  “Biological Molecules”
09:00-10:00  Introduction / Coffee

Gammadata (Arnaud Zoubir HORIBA Scientific))

  • Presentation of on the UiO Raman instrument, potential and flexibilities (possible upgrades included)
  • Microscopy / Confocal / depth profiles / imaging?
  • Applications
    - Surface studies in general
    - Oxide surfaces – can we see differences between different phases and modifications?
    - Silicon surfaces; solar silicon, thin layer (deposited) silicon, semiconductors etc)
    - Carbon: Graphite / graphine / nanotubes
  • Spectroscopic Ellipseometri: Interesting method for study of thin films. May be discussed with Gammadata during lunch.

Azpect. (Mikael Winter & Martin Glimtoft)

  • Presentation on the UiO laser excitation system, potential and flexibilities (possible upgrades included)
  • Applications
    - Conventional application
    - Frequency tuning to near electronic transitions in biological molecules
    - Resonance Raman; Surface enhanced Raman, Tip Enhanced Raman: Combination of AFM and Raman – sensitivity increased to ”single molecule” studies (more likely to be presented by K-analys?)

K-analys (Lars Hälldahl)

  • Raman combined with various other techniques
  • AFM / Raman combination to provide sensitivity at “single molecule” level
12:00-13:00 Lunch

University of Oslo, Department of Molecular Biosciences (IMBV, Prof. Kristoffer Andersson’s group)

  • Raman studies of protein crystals (flavin, heme proteins). by Dr. Hans- Petter Hersleth
  • Raman of metallo- and radical protein (Cu and tyrosyl-radical proteins). by Dr. Niels H. Andersen

GE Healthcare (Ingvild Gausemel)

  • Use of Raman in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Nofima Mat (Nils Kristian Alfseth)

  • Raman in food studies
  • - Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Biological Systems on the Macro- and Micro Level.

Swiss-Norwegian Beam-line at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) Grenoble (Wouter VAN BEEK)

  • Experimental opportunities for combining Raman Scattering with Synchrotron based Diffraction (XRD) and Absorption (XAFS) under non ambient conditions

Lab Tour

Published May 10, 2010