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SINTEF Petroleum Research performs R&D, advanced technical services (also based on inhouse developed software), and advanced laboratory services within its special fields.

The main asset of the Wellstream Department is one of the world’s largest and most advanced laboratory facilities for multiphase flow research.

  • Laboratory facilities for multiphase flows, including hydrates and sand
  • Multiphase flow experiments
  • Hydrate experiments
  • Flow wheel tests
  • Multiphase flow simulations (OLGA)
  • Multiphase transport system analysis
  • Instrument and equipment testing
  • SIMlab II
    This project offers European Scientists the possibility to access our laboratory in Trondheim.

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry performs research and development (also based on software developed by us), advanced consultancy and laboratory services.


  • limit states for strain based design of pipelines (fracture mechanics approach),
  • degradation mechanisms altering component/structure integrity over life-time (fatigue, corrosion-fatigue, hydrogen embrittlement, stress-corrosion, high temperature corrosion, erosion)
  • corrosion protection (cathodic protection, coating)
  • welding technology (incl. hyperbaric welding) and residual stress simulation,
  • mechanical testing and analyses; from small scale specimens – to full scale testing/verification.

MARINTEK's research contracts often lead to results in the form of generally available software, methods and reports,which are used by industry and the public sector. Our laboratories are also employed to confirm research results and to verify structures and products. For more details, please see our portfolio of products and services.

  • Laboratories
  • Engineering workshops
  • Services
  • Software
  • Publications
  • Papers

The Structural Engineering department's activity area includes fixed and floating platforms, risers and umbilicals, pipelines and ship structures.


Published February 13, 2006