Project results

piezoVolume devices

The feasibility of the three different piezoMEMS device prototypes have been made with three standard process alternatives using a multi project wafer (MPW) approach. The MEMS-prototypes developed for the end-users during the project provide generic, fundamentally general, structures suited to illustrate basic design characteristics and also well suited for device testing.

Double beam laser interferometer tool

The project has enabled aixACCT to build up a double beam laser interferometer tool (aixDBL) based on an automated wafer prober and has optimized the system in detail in order to achieve well documented, high-speed, 0.1% accuracy, to optimize thoughput and to develop a user-friendly, efficient interface including a graphics-based touch screen.


Automated high volume CSD system

Solar-Semi has developed a tool for the fully automated fabrication of piezo-ceramic films from chemical solutions. It consists of a specially adapter coater cluster, a RTP-furnace and the robotics for handling the wafers.


Sputtered PZT

The work of both EPFL and Fraunhofer ISiT yielded in in-situ sputter-deposited PZT thin films of remarkable ferroelectric, piezoelectric and dielectric properties. The targeted piezoelectric values of d33,f  > 100 pm/V and |e31,f| > 14 C/m² were achieved and exceeded on both 150 mm and 200 mm substrates.

Automated high volume sputter deposition system

Complete PZT film stacks including bottom and top electrodes can be fabricated on 6” or 8” substrates in one run. The sputter deposition tool for in-situ PZT deposition for both 150mm and 200 mm wafers is an Oerlikon cluster tool CLUSTERLINE 200 (CLN200).


A success story

The European Commission has listed the piezoVolume project as a sucess story.


Published March 27, 2012

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2010-2013) under grant agreement n° 229196