Development partner
Many SMEs and Enterprises can be natural providers of piezoMEMS devices. But, since the technology is quite new and there are no open facilities for volume production of piezoMEMS, it is natural that the barrier for considering piezoMEMS technology is quite high.

We can lower this barrier by offering assistance in areas specific to piezoMEMS such as design, modelling, PZT deposition and small scale prototyping. This will lower the threshold for interested parties to evaluating the feasibility of piezoMEMS technology. We offer:

  • World-class application-specific piezoelectric thin films (PZT-class)
  • Deposition processes and tools for high-performance PZT thin films on silicon wafers
  • Modelling software specifically for piezoMEMS 
  • Modelling of device ideas and design assistance
  • Evaluation of alternative processing routes
  • Testing services and sophisticated testing equipment
  • Manufacturing of prototypes
  • Small scale production using 150 mm wafers

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Published April 25, 2017