At the core of planning, design, and coordination tasks in industry and the public sector there are complex and computationally hard discrete optimization problems. Typically, these tasks are too complex for humans. Human problem solving must often concentrate on finding a satisfactory solution in reasonable time. Computer tools based on discrete optimization methods will assist the human planner in exploring the vast space of possible solutions more thoroughly. Better solutions are found in less time. 

For some optimization problems in real-life applications, the best solution will be found in reasonable time using exact optimization methods. However, in most cases the problem will be too hard, so finding the optimal solution will take too much time even with the fastest computer. In the latter case one must use an approximative method. 

It is especially important to utilize the most efficient optimization method for the task at hand. Our group has deep competence in the lastest exact and approximative methods in discrete optimization. Equally important, we are experts in analyzing real-life applications, choosing the best optimization method, and developing tailor-made optimization algorithms if needed. 

Our areas of competence include:

Published September 15, 2014