Tournament Scheduling
Together with Spectare AS, SINTEF has developed a plug-in for optimizing the tournament scheduling task in the software CupAssist. The plug-in is a dll and was developed in 2005-2006. Support and minor development of the module continues.

Model of the problem, constraints and goals

SINTEF ICT has developed a module for automatic planning of sport tournaments for the firm Spectare AS. The module is integrated in the tool CupAssist. Based on information about fields, teams and matches the module generates plans with an assigned start time and field for each match. The plans obey all given constraints with regard to pauses and availability of fields and teams. The module also allows for wishes with regard to the plan's attributes. This includes features such as uniform distribution in match start times for each team, compressed or stretched out plans for each team, preferred number of matches each day, and equal access to high priority fields. CupAssist handles all aspects of tournament planning - from registration and economy, to result services on the web. CupAssist is already in use with more than 50 tournaments.

Key presentations

  1. T. Flatberg. Tournament planning.

Published February 25, 2008

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Industrial project 
2005 - 
Spectare AS
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Spectare AS
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