Creating optimized plans for league schedules and tournaments are challenging problems, with complex constraints that limit the set of legal plans, and a list of user specified goals that can be hard to satisfy simultaneously in a single schedule. Our approach to sports scheduling is to provide applications and plug-ins that solve real world problems.

Football League Scheduling

Together with the Norwegian Football Association (NFF), SINTEF has developed a tool for combined interactive and automated optimization of the scheduling of the topmost football leagues in Norway. SINTEF has assisted NFF in the schedule creations for the seasons 2008, 2009, and 2010. Read more ...

Tournament Scheduling

Together with Spectare AS, SINTEF has developed a plug-in for optimizing the tournament scheduling task in the software CupAssist. The plug-in is a dll and was developed in 2005-2006. Support and minor development of the module continues. Read more ...

Published November 16, 2009