Spin-off projects

Very significant spin-off activities have been achieved. Since the start, more than 50 new projects with an accumulated budget in excess of NOK 1000 million have been initiated with participation of one or more of the research partners in NOWITECH.“

List of Spin-off Project

  • IRPWIND, EU FP7, DTU, NTNU, SINTEF Energy, Research, Marintek, etc., Started
  • SmartGrids lab, RCN infrastructure, NTNU, SINTEF Energy Research, Started
  • Best Path, EU FP7 Red Electrica, Iberdrola, SINTEF Energy Research, etc., Started
  • Wind farm Energy storageIndustrial, SINTEF Energy Research, Iberdrola, Gamesa, Started 
  • Kon-Wake, IPN Kongsberg, SINTEF MC, On-going
  • WiWindIPN Kongsberg, SINTEF ICT, On-going 
  • Offshore Energy Storage system, IPN Sub Hydro, SINTEF Energy Research, etc.; On-going  
  • TP WIND, RCN, SINTEF Energy Research, On-going 
  • EERA JPWINDRCN, SINTEF Energy Research, On-going 
  • WindScanner.eu, EU ESFRI, DTU, Fh IWES, ECN, ForWind, CENER, SINTEF Energy Research, LNEG, University of Porto and CRES, On-going
  • EWEM: European Wind Energy Master, EU, TU Delft, DTU, NTNU, Universität Oldenburg, On-going 
  • ProOfGrids: Protection and Fault Handling in Offshore HVDC GridsRCN KPN, SINTEF Energy Research, NTNU, RWTH Aachen University, Statnett, Statoil, NationalGrid, EDF, GE Power Conversion, NVE, Siemens, Statkraft, On-going 
  • Fluid Structure Interactions for Wind TurbinesRCN KPN, SINTEF IKT, Statoil, TrønderEnergi, Kjeller Vindteknikk, FFI, NTNU, SINTEF, On-going 
  • MARE-WINT: new Materials and Reliability in offshore WINd Turbines technology, EU FP7, Polish Academy of Sciences, NTNU, Marintek, etc.; On-going 
  • InnWind: Innovative wind conversion systems (10-20MW) for offshore applicationsEU FP7, Risø DTU, SINTEF Energy Research, etc.; On-going 
  • EERA-DTOC: EERA Design Tools for Offshore Wind FarmEU FP7, DTU Risø, SINTEF Energy Research, etc.; On-going 
  • MARINET: Marine Research Infrastructures Network for Energy TechnologiesEU FP7, HMRC University College Cork, Risø DTU, NTNU, University of Strathclyde, Fraunhofer IWES, SINTEF Energy Research, etc.; On-going 
  • MARINA Platform: Marine Renewable Integrated Application PlatformEU FP7, Acciona, NTNU etc.; On-going 
  • Mitigation measures and tools to reduce bird-associated conflicts in space and time for onshore and offshore wind-power plantsRCN KMB NINA, NTNU, SINTEF M&C, SINTEF ICT, Statkraft etc. On-going
  • Offshore DC: DC grids for integration of large scale wind powerNordic Risø DTU, AAU, Chalmers, SINTEF Energy Research, VTT, Dong, Vestas, ABB, Energinet.dk, NTNU, On-going
  • PowerUP: Effektive verdikjeder for offshore vindmøllerRCN Mid-Norway, SINTEF, NTNU, Høgskolen i Molde, Møreforskning, On-going
  • Nordic wind power O&M networkNordic Energy Research, Energi Norge, SINTEF Energy Research, VTT, Vindforsk, Chalmers, Risø DTU, On-going  
  • Beppo - Blue Energy Production in PortsEU Interreg, Port of Oostende, SINTEF Energy Research, Marintek, etc.; On-going 
  • WINDSENSE: Add-on instrumentation system for wind turbinesRCN IPN, Kongsberg Maritime, Statoil, NTE, SINTEF Energy Research, Marintek, NTNU, etc Finished 
  • FAROFF: Far off shore operation and maintenance vessel concept development and optimizationRCN IPN, Statkraft, MARINTEK, Fred Olsen, Odfell, SINTEF Energy Research, Finished
  • Offwind: Prediction tools for offshore wind electricity generationNordic IRIS, SINTEF, FFI, WindSim, Storm Geo etc.; Finished 
  • DeepWind: Future Deep Sea Wind Turbine TechnologiesEU FP7, DTU, Statoil, SINTEF Energy Research, etc.; Finished 
  • DIPLAB (ETEST, 8 MVA, short-circuit emulator)RCN infrastructure, SINTEF Energy Research, Finished
  • HiPRwind: High Power, high Reliability offshore wind technologyEU FP7, Fraunhofer IWES, SINTEF Energy Research, NTNU, etc.; Finished

Spin-off project examples