PhD and PostDoc

A total of 25 PhD or post doc studies are planned as part of NOWITECH. The following as listed below have started.  In addition to these, there are a number of PhD and post doc students at NTNU doing research on offshore wind, but financed outside NOWITECH. These are listed here.  

NOWITECH facilitates through the Scientific Committee collaboration in their education and studies of the PhD and post doc students.

Booklet - PhD and Post Doc projects 2012

  Student Topic Supervisor WP Start

Siddiqui, Mohammad Salman

Stochastic Processes in Dynamic Stall Behavior in Turbulent Wind

Kvamsdal, Trond,
Rasheed, Ali

 A February 2015


Nematbakhsh, Ali

Post Doc

Alternative floating wind turbine concepts for moderate water depths 

 Moan, Torgeir

3 June 2013


Bardal, Lars Morten

PhD Student

 Design wind and sea loads for offshore wind turbines

Sætran, Lars 

1 October 2012


Nejad, Amir R.

PhD Student



Condition monitoring of the mechanical system of a windfarm

Moan, Torgeir 
Vatn, Jørn  

 5 August 2012
Phen Chiak See

PhD Student
Development of market models incorporating offshore wind farms and offshore grids

Fosso, Olav Bjarte

Molinas, Marta 

 4 May 2012


Dombre, Emmanuel  

PhD Student

Hydrodynamic modeling and analysis of floating wind turbines Violeau, Damien

 3 Feb 2012

Luan, Chenyu

PhD student

Efficient stochastic dynamic response analysis for design of offshore wind turbines Moan, Torgeir 3 Aug 2011

Chabaud, Valentin

PhD Student

Experimental investigation of coupled hydrodynamic and aerodynamic performance of floating wind turbines Steen, Sverre 6 Aug 2011

Barrera Cárdenas,
René Alexander

PhD student

Multi-domain optimization model for the evaluation of power density and efficiency of wind energy conversion systems Molinas, Marta 4

March 2011

Completed June 2015

Kumar, Mukesh

Post Doc

Adaptive methods for accurate CFD-simulations of aerodynamic loads on offshore wind turbines Kvamsdal, Trond 1 Jan 2011

Valavi, Mostafa

PhD student

Magnetic forces and vibrations in wind power generators Nysveen,
2 Dec 2010

Cox, Kevin

PhD student

Lift control of wind turbines blades by using smart composite materials manipulating aerodynamics rotor properties Echtermeyer, Andreas 2 Nov 2010

August 2014

Nordanger, Knut

PhD student

Coupled fluid-structure interaction simulation of offshore wind turbines Kvamsdal, Trond 1

Nov 2010

Completed May 2015

Alagan Chella,

PhD student

Wave forces on wind turbine substructures

Muskulus, Michael
Myrhaug, Dag

3 Oct 2010

Eriksen, Pål Egil

PhD student

Rotor wake turbulence


1 Aug 2010

Wang, Kai

PhD student

Comparative study of floating concepts

Moan, Torgeir


Aug 2010

Completed April 2015

Netland, Øyvind  

PhD student

Cost-effective monitoring for remote environmental friendly O&M of offshore wind turbines   Skavhaug, Amund 5 Apr 2010

Completed March 2014

Mubarok, Fahmi

PhD student

Novel coating and surface treatment for improved wear resistance Espallargas, Nuria  5

March / Apr 2010

Completed December 2014

Völler, Steve

Post Doc

Balance management with large scale offshore wind integration Doorman, Gerard 4 March 2010

July 2012

Pedersen, Morten D.

PhD student

Design of control systems for load mitigation and stabilization of floating wind turbines Fossen, Tor I. 6 Jan 2010

Zhang, Zhaoqiang

PhD student

Coupled 3D models and loss analysis of permanent magnet generators with very large diameters Nilssen, Robert 6

Jan 2010

May 2015

Soloot, Amir Hayati

PhD student

Analysis of switching transients in wind parks with focus on prevention of destructive effects Høidalen, Hans K. 4 Oct 2009

Hameed, Zafar

PhD student

Maintenance optimization of wind farms from design to operation (models, methods, framework) Vatn, Jørn 5 Oct 2009

Bracchi, Tania

PhD student

Assessment of benefits of downwind rotors due to weight savings using new and thinner airfoils and improved directional stability of turbine Krogstad, Per Åge 6

Sep 2009

May 2014

Frøyd, Lars

PhD student

Evaluation of the design criteria and dynamic forces on large floating wind turbines Dahlhaug, Ole Gunnar 1 Aug 2009

October 2012

Kvittem, Marit Irene

PhD student

Life cycle criteria and optimization of floating structures and mooring systems Moan, Torgeir 3

Aug 2009

Completed November 2014

van Buren, Eric

PhD student

Bottom-fixed support structure for wind turbine in 30-70 m water depth Muskulus, Michael 3 Aug 2009

Zwick, Daniel

PhD student

Design of nodes in lattice towers for effective production Muskulus, Michael  3

Aug 2009

Completed April 2015