CO2 Capture - WP4
Carbon capture is an important step in the CCS chain and a large contributor to the additional cost of mitigating climate change with CCS. In order to make the industrial implementation of CCS technology feasible a high level of site specific process integration and optimization is required.

Work package 4 focuses on developing potential capture solutions for typical Nordic industry segments such as fossil power production, iron and steel, cement, oil and gas and pulp and paper including bioCCS. The main goal is to develop representative assessment models for the optimization of carbon capture technology implementation under Nordic conditions. In order to achieve this goal relevant case studies for carbon capture integrated in industry will be assessed. The case studies will represent the starting point for further feasibility studies on the entire CCS concept and value chain performed under WP3.

This work package includes work on benchmarking the energy penalty of various capture technologies and continuous updating of an emission database and emission maps illustrating major Nordic CO2 emissions.

Partners currently involved in work package 4 are VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (FIN), Tel-Tek (NO), Chalmers University of Technology (SE), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO) and SINTEF Energy Research (NO).

Published February 8, 2012

Kristin Onarheim, VTT