Work Packages
  • Assumptions and premises - WP1
    Work package 1 represents the integrating activities of the Centre.
  • Communication - WP2
    This work package is devoted to study the communication of CCS; a topic with important implications on how the technology is perceived.
  • Feasibility studies of industry cases - WP3
    The aim of work package (WP) 3 in NORDICCS is to coordinate integrated CCS cases in the Nordic countries and assess their feasibility.
  • CO2 Capture - WP4
    Carbon capture is an important step in the CCS chain and a large contributor to the additional cost of mitigating climate change with CCS. In order to make the industrial implementation of CCS technology feasible a high level of site specific process integration and optimization is required.
  • CO2 Transport - WP5
    The objective of this work package is to conduct techno-economic assessment of options for CO2 transport in the Nordic region as well as to disseminate knowledge regarding the availability of fundamental properties of CO2 on transport. Furthermore, this includes also other critical issues regarding the safe and economic handling during transport.
  • The Nordic CO2 Storage atlas - WP6
    The main objective is to create a Nordic CO2 storage atlas compromising potential storage sites in all the Nordic countries.

Published February 8, 2012