Partner benefits and obligations

Partner benefits

  • Strategic arena for companies with current or strategic interest in CCS
  • Sharing of knowledge and experience among Nordic R&D and industry partners
  • Participation in concrete activities by interest
  • Possibility to influence choice of priorities, strategies, and activities for the Centre through participation in Steering Group
  • Possibility to include own work in the Centre (in-kind contribution)
  • Very favorable gearing of money (1:40)
  • Recruitment opportunities
  • Deliverables and results:
    • Competence building within own company
    • Access to all results
    • Spin-offs can be generated at the initiative of industry partners
    • Technology developed can be adopted and exploited by partners

Partner obligations

  • Partner fee:
    • NOK 300,000 per year for large oil, gas and coal producers, large utilities, financing, insurance and banking companies.
    • NOK 150.000 per year for vendors, small oil and gas companies, small utilities and similar.
  • Participation at Steering Group meetings (2/yr)

Published December 6, 2011