Information for new partners

NORDICCS is a virtual CCS networking platform aiming for increased CCS deployment in the five Nordic countries. The success of NORDICCS is dependent on active involvement from industrial partners. Therefore, NORDICCS is inviting industrial companies for partnership!

In joining NORDICCS, your company will:

  • Take part in activities related to the whole CO2 chain.
  • Co-develop strategies for CCS realization.
  • Define and work on specific industry cases related to your own company.
  • Suggest R&D recommendations based on challenges experienced in own company and industry sector.
  • Have a platform to meet, and discuss challenges, with major CCS stakeholders in the Nordic region.
  • Take part in deployment of CCS related information to politicians, decision makers and the general public.
  • Contribute in strengthening CCS innovation in the Nordic region.

Something in it for many
NORDICCS seeks any new partners with vested interests in the CCS area. Companies from the following sectors are encouraged to join: oil, gas and coal; refineries; chemicals; pulp and paper; utilities; cement; metal; bioenergy; financing, insurance and banking companies.

Partner Benefits

  • Strategic arena for companies with current or strategic interest in CCS
  • Sharing of knowledge and experience among Nordic R&D and industry partners
  • Participation in concrete activities by interest
  • Possibility to influence choice of priorities, strategies, and activities for the Centre through participation in Steering Group
  • Possibility to include own work in the Centre (in-kind contribution)
  • Very favorable gearing of money (1:40)
  • Recruitment opportunities
  • Deliverables and results:
    • Competence building within own company
    • Access to all results
    • Spin-offs can be generated at the initiative of industry partners
    • Technology developed can be adopted and exploited by partners

Published February 8, 2012

Interested in joining?

NORDICCS leaflet (pdf)