NCCS' main goal is fast-tracking CCS technology. This Task will facilitate that by promoting an innovative environment through concrete cooperation between scientists and industry partners. The cooperation with industry partners as well as the Operation Centre and the Deployment Cases leaders is imperative to reach NCCS', and the Task's goals.

The potential for spin-offs, start-ups or license agreements will also be continuously investigated by this task. When it's relevant, this will be done in cooperation with NTNU TTO , SINTEF TTO, Inven2 (TTO for UiO), Innovasjon Norge and others.

Through the following five roles, the task aims to become a significant resource for all partners within the centre:

  1. Reminding the other task to consider the potential for innovation and encourage outside the box thinking when planning and conducting research.
  2. To be a facilitator for good and engaged cooperation between researchers and industry partners.
  3. Identify, describe and categorise research with high potential of contributing to or innovations.
  4. Provide support for intellectual asset (IAM) and property (IP) management through licensing, patenting, spin-off/start-up strategies etc.
  5. Communicate original research, promising results and potential innovations to stakeholders inside and outside NCCS, and the general public.

Results 2018

The main ambition of Innovation and Technology Transfer (ITT) task is to maintain continuous focus on innovation and technology transfer from NCCS. The task aims to be an enabler within the centre, striving to promote a good environment for developing innovations through engaged and concrete cooperation between researchers and industry partners.

By this, the task will contribute towards realising the NCCS centre's main goal of fast-tracking CCS. Throughout the centre lifetime, the Innovation and Technology Transfer task will essentially have five important roles within the centre: Reminder – Facilitator – Identifi er – Supporter – Communicator. These roles are described in more detail in the "NCCS Innovation Framework", which was a deliverable in 2017.

Results 2017

In conjunction with the ITT Task, a case study of innovation management in six of the eight first FMEs were conducted. This work resulted in both a master thesis, and establishment of a methodology dubbed The Innovation Management Wheel. This is a shortlist of nine topics and ambitions the centre management should live by to be able to promote innovative output from the research collaboration in the centre. Now, this methodology is becoming a key part of the NCCS Innovation Framework.

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