Deployment cases - directing research for maximum impact

NCCS originally defined two CCS deployment cases(DCs) to help structure and align the research, andsupport NCCS in fulfilling its ambition to overcomecritical barriers and accelerate CCS deployment.

NCCS DC2025 - CCS for Norwegian Industry is similar to the Norwegian full-scale project and includes CO2 capture from industry sources and transport with ship to ensure a flexible solution for CO2 storage on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). One storage site in offshore aquifers is anticipated, with a capacity of 1-1.5 Mt/year in 2025.


The second deployment case, NCCS DC2050 - Storing Europe's CO2, comprises captured CO2 from numerous sources in Europe and transport via a pipeline network to Norwegian storage sites in the North Sea. Several major storage sites are foreseen, some with an opportunity for EOR, with a storage capacity of ~100 Mt/year by 2050.


For this NCCS impact study a third deployment case is defined to serve as basis for analysis: NCCS DC2030 - Unfolding CCS in Europe. DC2030 incorporates all European CCS projects implemented, under construction and those planned to be in operation within 2030. It includes industry sources, power generation, natural gas processing and H2 production. A combination of ship and pipeline transport of CO2 to aquifers and depleted gas fields ensures flexibility. Capacity in 2030 is estimated to be 15-20 Mt/year, with the ambition to increase it to more than 40 Mt/ year after 2030.


NCCS DC2030 – Unfolding CCS in Europe
NCCS DC2030 – Unfolding CCS in Europe