The NCCS Centre aims to bring fourth the necessary solutions for realizing large scale CCS in Norway and Europe in a short-term perspective. This will require extensive and cross border cooperation between academia and industry, to ensure that the research addresses the real bottlenecks and unsolved obstacles along the whole CCS value chain.

NCCS will build its innovation strategy on open innovation processes, where the different partners will contribute to and build upon each other's results to bring forward the best possible solutions. Together NCCS and its partners will build a pool of concepts and ideas, collectively much larger than the contribution from each partner. With this as a basis, the centre will contribute to promoting the most promising concepts for each part of the value chain.

To make this possible, and effective, a comprehensive IPR strategy will be necessary, which we are currently developing.

The NCCS Centre has a separate activity focusing on innovation and technology transfer. Obviously, innovation takes place through the research and interaction with the user partners. However, the NCCS Innovation Program will foster close collaboration between specialists from research and industry, ensure that the industry has significant influence over the Centre development, and work as a spokesperson from the research activities towards relevant industries and markets.

As concrete actions for keeping focus on innovation through the research in the Centre, NCCS will establish an Innovation Award and annual Innovation Camps.


Report published November 2018