NCCS Webinar Series: Fast-tracking CCS deployment in Europe
Stay on top of the latest CCS research and technology progress!

In this series of short 30 minute webinars hosted by the Norwegian CCS Research Centre, you will get to dive into the latest CCS science - from capture technologies and their integration with process industries, to CO2 transport in both pipe-lines and by ship, to injection and storage.

The webinars are free and open to anyone - not only NCCS partners.

Everyone who registers for the live webinar will also get access to a recording afterwards. So, if you are interested but unsure if you can attend, sign up and watch the recording later.

Find the topics that are most interesting to you and sign up today! You will find a short description of the webinar if you click on the title.

Please, notice that two webinars are given in the same session, and that the two webinars have a combined registration. You can, of course, join and leave the session according to your own interests.

Upcoming webinars

Marie Bysveen

October 13 - 13:00 (Marie Bysveen, SINTEF Energy Research) 
Aligning European CCUS funding and R&I strategies

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