Johnny Stuen is technical director at the Waste-to-Energy Agency in the City of Oslo. He is responsible for technical strategy and development for the treatment side of waste management in the City of Oslo, investment projects in new and existing plants for waste treatment in Oslo.

He holds a Masters degree in process technology, and have worked in several industrial companies producing chemicals, insulation and foodstuff before he joined the Waste-to-Energy Agency in 2007 as a director of production, later changing to technical director.

He works mostly with sorting facilities, biological treatment and biogas and waste-to- energy including carbon capture from WtE.

Since 2015 he has had a central role in the project for building a full-scale CO2-capture plant at the WtE-facility at Klemetsrud in Oslo, as a part of the Norwegian fullscaleproject.

He has lead the national working group on energy recovery in Norway, and is since 2010 member in the ISWA working group for energy recovery, and since spring 2017 he is chairing the same group.

Oslo ha 650 000 inhabitants, and the waste management in Oslo has been implementing a circular waste management system since 2007, including source sorting, biological treatment and energy recovery. Oslo has presented a climate and environment plan for Oslo in 2015, having very ambitious goals for green house gas reductions and energy saving/management. The energy coming from waste has a central position in this plan.

Johnny Stuen
Johnny Stuen