Gender balance

NCCS aims for equal opportunities and gender balance at all levels of the Centre’s organization and implementation and encourages all partners to collectively achieve the EU target of recruiting at least 40% female staff in scientific positions. The academic partners encourage female applicants through open announcements, thus striving for gender balance when employing PhD candidates and postdocs.

Central issues for the Operations Centre are:

  • NCCS wants to take on a more active role in the recruitment of younger women to the field of CCS. Participating at student recruitment campaigns at NTNU is a prioritized activity.
  • NCCS wants to increase the visibility of female researchers at the NCCS Consortium days. From 2020 the portion of female speakers will be at least 40%.
  • NCCS wants to increase the female portion of NCCS task leaders. Females will be chosen for new positions, other qualifications being equal.