About NCCS

Europe is steering towards a net zero-CO2 emission economy. "To make that possible, we need to maintainahigh levelof security of supply, low cost of energy whileat the same time maintainingthe very crucial process-industriesin Europe. But industrialcompanieshave to operate very differentlyin 2050 than today if we are toreach our climatetargets. It is very hard to see this happening without a huge deployment of CCS across Europe”,says Tord Lien, NCCS Chairman of the Board."That's why a research centre like NCCS, where industry,R&D, authorities and academia cooperate to fast-track CCSdeployment in Norway, Europe and the world, is so important".

NCCS is an international research cooperation on CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS), co-financed by the Research Council of Norway, industry and research partners.

Our goals

NCCS is:

  • is a long-term, stable research collaboration, teaming up with major CCS research and innovation efforts globally and a world-leading CCS industry partnership

  • is an industry-driven Centre, allowing industry to influence the research priorities of the Centre

  • allows flexible ways of interaction driven by the needs of the industry

  • provides access to world-class researchers and CCS research infrastructure

  • synergizes with international efforts to solve common topics of CCS interest through strategic international partnerships

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