MRST - MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox

IGEMS Download Instructions
Thank you for downloading the IGEMS Data Set for MRST.

We distribute the data set in the form of a GZip-compressed TAR file (extension '.tar.gz'). Specifically, the data set is contained in the following, linked file: IGEMS.tar.gz.

The MATLAB® software has built-in support for extracting the contents of GZip-compressed TAR files through its 'untar' function. If you have an active installation of MRST, then you may extract the data set directly using the following statement

untar('IGEMS.tar.gz', fullfile(ROOTDIR, 'modules', 'data'))

The output directory will be created if it does not already exist.

Otherwise, please replace the above output directory with a writable location on your local computer system. You will then have to adjust the IGEMS-related examples accompanying the MRST release in order to successfully run the example code.

Published February 25, 2011