The MegaRoller project will develop and demonstrate a Power Take-Off for wave energy converters.

MegaRpøøer  Wave Energy to Megawatt Levels

About MegaRoller

MegaRoller is a collaborative research and innovation project which aims to develop and demonstrate a next-generation Power Take-Off (PTO) solution for wave energy converters. 

The proposed PTO technology for a 1MW oscillating wave surge converters (OWSC) device is based on multiple hardware and software innovations. MegaRoller is therefore expected to generate extensive know-how in the area of PTO design and control system, at the same time decreasing the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) produced thanks to OWSC devices below €150/MWh.

The methodologies used in the project will be applicable to many other types of wave energy converters. MegaRoller will also propose new standards for PTO control, thus benefiting the whole ocean energy community.

In the short term, the project hopes to increase the power conversion from 70 to 88%, improve reliability of the converters (double the lifetime and service intervals), decrease operation & maintenance costs by 75%, boost power density by 2.8 times and improve power quality.

By 2050, MegaRoller's 40,000 MW power plants could generate 400,000 jobs in Europe only and decrease CO2 emissions by 110 M annually.

The full-scale PTO will be validated in a PTO test rig available at AW-Energy in Finland.

The facility will allow the consortium to:

  • create power matrices for the wave conditions of different sites
  • fine-tune the PTO control algorithms
  • certify the operation of the PTO
  • ensure that the produced electricity conforms to the
  • various grid codes of different market areas.


Hans Christian Bolstad

Senior Project Manager
Hans Christian Bolstad
Senior Project Manager
SINTEF Energy Research

Jussi Aakerberg

Scientific coordinator
Jussi Aakerberg
Scientific coordinator
AW Energy

Project organisation

Interaction with Wave Resource​ - WP1
Pauline Laporte Weywada

Design​ - WP2 
Jussi Åkerberg (AWE)

Implementation​ - WP3 
Olli Nyrövaara (ABB)

Integration​ - WP4 
Jarno Hakulinen

Validation and Impact Evaluation​ - WP5 
Risto Tiusanen (VTT)

Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation - WP6 
Hans Christian Bolstad (SINTEF)

Scientific coordination - WP7
Jussi Åkerberg

Coordination - WP8
Ilpo Honkanen