LowEmission on the Smart Forklart podcast

24/05/2022: Acting LowEmission research centre director Stefania Gardarsdottir and NorthWind research centre director John Olav Tande are the guests of this episode of the Smart Forklart podcast. They discuss solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to oil and gas exploitation on the Norwegian continental shelf. These emissions account for a quarter of all Norwegian emissions.

Solutions being worked on within the LowEmission research centre range from improving energy efficiency to using a hydrogen/ammonia blend in the platforms gas turbines (instead of natural gas). Fuel cells are also being looked at, as well as methods to extract even more energy from the turbines (through a technique called “bottoming cycle”). Providing electricity from the mainland is another solution – which is already in place for a few platforms.

In the podcast, John Olav and Stefania discuss the immense potential of offshore wind to provide the required renewable energy to oil and gas installations.

You can listen to the episode right here (NB: the episode is in Norwegian).