Featured LowEmission partner: Lennart Naes, Siemens Energy

21/10/ 2022: Siemens Energy is one of LowEmission' s more than 30 partners. We asked Lennart Naes who is an engineer at Siemens Energy three questions about NCS and collaboration in LowEmission.

Lennart Naes hiking in Norwegian mountains.
Lennart Naes hiking in Norwegian mountains.

In your view, what is the most important research challenge regarding emissions reductions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)?

A large number of technical challenges must be resolved and confirmed to land and introduce a zero-carbon energy system with the same reliability, safety and stability as today. There is no silver bullet which we can have all our focus on. We can though conclude that green/blue fuels will inevitable have to be one of the corner stones to reach a full 100 % CO2-free energy mixture. It is therefore most important to fully understand all aspects of new fuels, from combustion to transportation.

What does Siemens Energy hope to get out of LowEmission?

Siemens Energy is committed to the transition to net-zero and since this is a huge task, better understanding will be required in so many areas. LowEmission is a unique constellation and we are confident in that we will together make important achievements along the path to decarbonization.

What motivates the industry to reduce emissions on the NCS?

Zero-carbon footprint will have a high market value and be key for successful branding and to attract top talents. The industries on the NCS can see a reduction of the CO2-emissions from the production, especially when brought to zero, as an enabler for end customers to realize 100 % CO2-free products, e.g. “blue” plastics or electricity. To bring the actual production to zero could therefore be one way to increase revenue per unit and also as an important measure that goes hand in hand with other initiatives.

About Siemens Energy

Siemens Energys mission is to empower their customers to meet the growing global demand for energy while transitioning to a more sustainable world.