LowEmission aims to be a platform for competence building, and the sharing and promotion of innovation and value creation for industry.

The partnerships between industry end-users, vendors and research institutions are a driving force, stimulating the innovation process and shortening the path from research to commercial products.

An innovation can be a product, a technology, a component, a process or a sub-process, a model or sub-model, a concept, an experimental rig or a service that is new or significantly improved with respect to properties, technical specifications or ease of use. An innovation can also be new application of existing knowledge or commercialisation of R&D results.

LowEmission innovation challenge

Two LowEmission Innovation Challenges were conducted in 2021: Aker Solutions' ‘Achieving Uptime Targets for Wind-Powered Subsea Boosting’ and Total Energies’ ‘Renewable Ocean Energies’. The idea of the Innovation Challenges is to give industry partners the spotlight. They are invited to present low-emission related challenges to the researchers and the whole Consortium.

The Innovation challenges are intended to spur new ideas, inspire new activities within the Centre or even the development of new spin-off projects outside of the Centre. A concrete result is the newly awarded Green platform project LINCCS – Carbon Links, which was strongly rooted in Equinor’s LowEmission Innovation Challenge presented in December 2020.