Martin Richter

Affiliation: NTNU
Nationality: German
Supervisors: Prof. James R. Dawson (NTNU), Andreas Dreizler (TU Darmstadt), and Prof. Dirk Geyer (TU Darmstadt)
Period: 2020-2023

Thesis: Investigation of the flame structure of ammonia-hydrogen-nitrogen flames

The main objective of my project is to provide experimental insights to the combustion of ammonia-hydrogen-nitrogen fuel blends by using advanced laser diagnostics. These blends can be obtained by partial cracking of ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen. During combustion of ammonia hydrogen-nitrogen blends, no carbon dioxide is formed and in the right blend composition, the combustion properties are close to those of natural gas, which makes these blends applicable in gas turbines. Besides a variety of laser diagnostics, we will apply the combined Raman/Rayleigh-spectroscopy to get deeper insights into the reaction processes in ammonia-hydrogen- nitrogen flames.