Hongyu Zhang

Affiliation: NTNU
Nationality: Chinese
Supervisors: Prof. Asgeir Tomasgard (NTNU), Prof. Ignacio Grossmann (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) and Dr Brage Rugstad Knudsen (SINTEF)
Period: 2020-2023

Thesis: Norwegian offshore energy system decarbonisation

My project is about the optimisation of Norwegian low-emission hybrid offshore energy systems investment planning and operation. Approximately a quarter of the current total Norwegian greenhouse gases is emitted from the Norwegian continental shelf, 84.6% of which is caused by platform located gas-fired generation. Therefore, it is of great importance to integrate more renewable technologies (e.g. offshore wind) to supply clean power to platforms to achieve low-emission offshore energy systems. I will develop a large-scale stochastic optimisation model and corresponding computational methods that provide cost-optimal, reliable, and secure low-emission hybrid offshore energy systems design and operational strategies.