Aksel Ă…nestad

Affilitation: NTNU
Nationality: Norwegian
Supervisors: Associate Professor Nicholas Worth (NTNU) and Professor James Dawson (NTNU)
Period: 2021-2024


Thesis: The effect of staging on the stability and emissions performance of an industrially relevant swirl stabilised combustor


My work explores strategies to limit the NOx emissions from gas turbines burning mixtures of ammonia and hydrogen. One way to reduce emissions while promoting efficient operation is to implement different types of staged combustion, for example by shooting fuel and air through jets into the combustion chamber to create a secondary flame. This project will implement and experimentally investigate these strategies in a scaled down Siemens SGT750 combustor. Results from this project may be used to retrofit existing gas turbines to burn carbon-free fuels safely and efficiently, enabling industrial scale green power production with minimal economic investments.