Message from the Acting Director

Activities so far have focused on initiating work in the various technology areas.

The deliverables have centred around outlining state-of-the-art technology, and initiating experimental work involving HSE processes and preparing ­technical equipment. On the management side, the focus was on the Consortium Agreement and the ­governing structure. 

Lower cost electrification is a pillar of ­LowEmission. In one case studies, we look at ­potential 10-15% cost reduction on ­implementation. In another, we look into a hybrid solution that combines different technologies, like offshore wind coupled with combined cycle gas turbines, or the use of alternative fuels like H2 and NH3 in combination with batteries.

Reducing energy consumption from oil drilling platforms is another goal. One example deals with reducing water injection in wells. Water injections makes up about 50% of total emissions from platforms today. We are looking at both topside and subsea projects.

Three important focus areas in moving forward have been identified:

Accelerating technology development: If the ­industry is to remain leading in the ­global low emission technology effort, technology ­development rate must increase. This is ­important, not only to secure technology export to other oil & gas producing countries, but also to decrease costs in the long run, ultimately making the technologies implementable globally. 

Reducing costs: We strive to find new and ­efficient solutions to reduce development costs. This includes production equipment with less weight, less need for, and better use of ­materials. Automatization, digitalisation and smart ­utilization of concepts are key. 

Communication: Communication in 2019 ­centred around implementation of energy ­efficient and renewable technology. The ­Centre had meetings and workshops with parties from the Norwegian O&G industry and was visible through TV, newspapers, national radio, ­magazines and social medias. The focus on communication will continue in the years to come.

We thank our partners for an excellent first year and hope you are as excited as us about the ­continuation!

Marit Jagtøyen Mazzetti
Acting Director and Centre Manager, LowEmission