2019 Achievements

For obvious reasons, a research centre in ­existence for only three months has a limited number of results to report.

Still, during the hectic ­period since the signing of the Consortium ­Agreement in ­September 2019, the following was ­accomplished:

The research plan and strategy for the Centre is established. Since the application, the plan has been adjusted and refined with input from partners and researchers.

Most of the LowEmission organization is ­established. Leading positions and committees have been filled, and the Centre has obtained a solid number of partners. The exception is the Scientific Committee, which will be set up early 2020.

A framework for cooperation between partners is established with the SP families as a central element. Sub-project (SP) families are groups of researchers and industry representatives working together to solve issues relevant to the respective SPs. The first annual Consortium Day was held in ­December.

The Annual Working Plan (AWP) 2020 was completed before Christmas. This plan is a compilation of all research and management activities to be carried out next year. New AWPs will be developed for each year the Centre is in operation. In addition, several of the SPs have also started their research activities.

Education of PhD and Postdoc candidates is a central activity in LowEmission. The ­recruitment process started in 2019 with advertising ­campaigns, and the first candidates are ready to start their projects in March/April 2020. A ­candidate production plan for the whole Centre period is in place.

A communication strategy was developed. This strategy will serve as the basis for developing communication plans for the coming years. 

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) routines are carried out in compliance with requirements set forth in the Centre Consortium Agreement as well as instructions stipulated by the partners. All partners are required to have an ­implemented HSE policy and a documented management ­system, complying with the legal requirements related to control and follow-up of HSE. Incidents, accidents and near misses are reported without undue delay to the Centre, and HSE statistics are presented to the Board on a regular basis.