Cooperation between partners

The subproject (SP) families have proven to be an integral part of stimulating collaboration between industry and R&D partners. The SP families consist of technical representatives from the industry partners, as well as researchers and PhD candidates working within the different SPs. The SP families discuss matters such as strategies, operational plans for the coming year, communication and dissemination activities and research results, as well as performing quality assurance of results and publications.

Scientific Committee

International academic collaboration is important to ensure quality and excellence in LowEmission. The Scientific Committee will be comprised of a number of internationally recognised researchers. Its job is to support quality and excellence by assessing the output of the academic programme in terms of Research and dissemination, providing recommendations for improvement, and highlighting important areas that should be addressed if the resources are available. The Committee aims to meet every 2 years starting in the spring of 2022.

Professor ­James Dawson (NTNU) will lead the Scientific ­Committee.


Technical ­Committee of ­Innovation & ­Commercialization

LowEmission strives to be a dynamic centre, targeting challenges of high relevance to industry. To continuously focus on industry-relevant challenges, a Technical Committee of Innovation and Commercialisation (TCIC) was established in 2019. The TCIC consists of and is led by industry, and its purpose is to evaluate commercial potential and identify spin-off projects. This includes reviewing Annual Working Plans, Case study and KSP spin-off proposals and evaluating progress in subprojects as well as advising the Board on new research directions.

Cedric Fayemendy from Vår Energi is the leader of the TCIC.


International cooperation

The centre has ambitions of contributing to the realisation of new EU projects that will be either completely or partly based on LowEmission results. This is particularly relevant in the context of our continued collaboration with other research centres, such as FME NCCS and other petrocentres, FMEs and SFIs. The centre also has an open dialogue with the Net Zero Technology Centre in Scotland, about possible international collaboration projects and general cooperation.


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