Governance structure

LowEmission Governance structure

LowEmission Committees

Scientific Committee

International academic collaboration is of ­highest importance to the excellence and success of ­LowEmission. To support and stimulate the scientific progress of LowEmission, a ­Scientific Committee will be established in 2020. The ­Scientific Committee shall be an advisory committee with leading international academic capacities giving guidance towards scientific progress and shall provide strategic advice on scientific focus and priorities.

Professor ­James Dawson (NTNU) will lead the Scientific ­Committee.


Technical ­Committee of ­Innovation & ­Commercialization

LowEmission strives to be a dynamic centre, targeting challenges of high relevance to industry. To continuously focus on industry-relevant challenges, a Technical Committee of Innovation & Commercialization (TCIC) was established in 2019. The TCIC consists of and is led by industry, and its purpose is to evaluate commercial potential and identify spin-off projects. This includes reviewing Annual Working Plans and evaluate progress in Sub-Projects as well as advising the Board on new research directions.

Mr. Jan Petter Petterson (Repsol) is the leader of the TCIC.