Workshop on corrosion of steel in concrete, 17-18, September 2018, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Corrosion of steel rebars is a major cause of the deterioration and limited service life of reinforced concrete structures. The high alkalinity of concrete provides the ideal environment for protecting embedded steel, by passivating it. However, carbonation and chloride ingress disrupt the passive layer on steel, triggering its corrosion. The voluminous corrosion products generate internal stresses, leading to cracking and spalling of concrete and, ultimately, to the early failure of the structure.

This Workshop is organized in the frame of the European project LORCENIS. It is intended to be an open forum to discuss corrosion of steel in concrete from the basic concepts to the state-of-the-art measurement and prevention techniques. It is also an opportunity to partners present the results obtained in the ambit of the project.

For more information, see the agenda in the poster and  detailed list of speakers in the leaflet.


Send an e-mail to Alexandre Bastos ( with your name, Institution and stating which days you wish to attend:
day 1, day 2 or days 1+2.
(Labs on first day afternoon limited to 20).