Professor Lindsay Greer
University of Cambridge

Lindsay Greer is Professor of Materials Science, and Head of the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, at the University of Cambridge. He obtained a B.A. in Natural Sciences in 1976 and a Ph.D. in Metallurgy & Materials Science in 1979 from the University of Cambridge. He was a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow and then Assistant Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard University. Since 1984, he has been based at Cambridge, but he has held visiting positions at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, the Centre d'Études Nucléaires de Grenoble, the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, and the Center for Materials Innovation, Washington University, St Louis. Lindsay edits Philosophical Magazine, a journal (founded 1798) devoted to the structure and properties of condensed matter. Among his research interests, a central theme has been solidification, with a focus on crystal nucleation. His research on grain refinement of aluminium alloys has been supported by London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co Ltd, Alcan and Pechiney, and has gained the TMS Light Metals Award (1998), the TMS Cast Shop Technology Award (1999) and the Institute of Materials Cook-Ablett Award (2000). Lindsay has published 8 edited proceedings, 8 book chapters and approximately 300 papers.

Selected Publications

New studies of nucleation mechanisms in Al-alloys: implications for grain-refinement practice, P. Schumacher, A. L. Greer, J. Worth, P. V. Evans, M. A. Kearns, P. Fisher and A. H. Green, Materials Science and Technology 14 (1998) 394-404.

The effect of grain-refining additions on intermetallic selection in dilute aluminium alloys, M. W. Meredith, A. L. Greer and P. V. Evans, in Light Metals 1998, edited by B. Welch (TMS, Warrendale PA, 1998) pp. 977-982.

The generation of AlmFe in dilute aluminium alloys with different grain-refiner additions, M. W. Meredith, A. L. Greer, P. V. Evans and R. G. Hamerton, in Light Metals 1999, edited by C. E. Eckert, (TMS, Warrendale, 1999) pp. 811-817.

Grain refinement by Al-Ti-B refiners in aluminium melts: a study of the mechanisms of poisoning by zirconium, A. M. Bunn, P. Schumacher, M. A. Kearns, C. B. Boothroyd and A. L. Greer, Materials Science & Technology 15 (1999) 1115-1123.

Modelling of inoculation of metallic melts: Application to grain refinement of aluminium by Al-Ti-B, A. L. Greer, A. M. Bunn, A. Tronche, P. V. Evans and D. J. Bristow, Acta Materialia, 48 (2000) 2823-2835.

Effect of instability of TiC particles on grain refinement of Al and Al-Mg alloys by addition of Al-Ti-C inoculants, M. Vandyoussefi, J. Worth and A. L. Greer, Materials Science and Technology, 16 (2000) 1121-1128.

Application of cellular automaton - finite element model to the grain refinement of directionally solidified Al - 4.15 wt.% Mg alloys, M. Vandyoussefi and A. L. Greer, Acta Materialia, 50 (2002) 1693-1705.

Instability of TiC particles in Al melts inoculated with an Al-Ti-C grain refiner, A. Tronche, M. Vandyoussefi and A. L. Greer, Materials Science and Technology, 18 (2002) 1072-1078.

Grain refinement of aluminium alloys by inoculation, A. L. Greer, P. S. Cooper, M. W. Meredith, W. Schneider, P. Schumacher, J. A. Spittle, A. Tronche, Advanced Engineering Materials 5 (2003) 81-91.

The effect of the size distribution of inoculant particles on as-cast grain size in aluminium alloys, T. E. Quested, A. L. Greer, Acta Materialia 52 (2004) 3859-3868.

Thermodynamic modelling of growth-restriction effects in aluminium alloys, T. E. Quested, A. T. Dinsdale and A. L. Greer, Acta Materialia 53 (2005) 1323-1334.

Athermal heterogeneous nucleation of solidification, T. E. Quested and A. L. Greer, Acta Materialia 53 (2005) 2683-2692.

Grain refinement of Al alloys: Mechanisms determining as-cast grain size in directional solidification, T. E. Quested and A. L. Greer, Acta Materialia 53 (2005) 4643-4653.

Liquid metals: Supercool order, A. L. Greer, Nature Materials 5 (2006) 13-14.

updated, February 2006

Published April 22, 2006