Professor Lars Arnberg

LARS ARNBERG (born 1947) received his doctorate degree in Inorganic Chemistry from
Stockholm University in 1979. After spending 2 years as a post doc at MIT, he was hired by
the Swedish Institute of Metals Research where he conducted research on powder metallurgy
and rapid solidification technology and managed a research department. In 1990 Lars Arnberg
was appointed a Professor of Metallurgy at the Norwegian University of Science and
Technology. His main field of research and teaching is solidification and casting of metals,
particularly light metals. This research includes fundamental studies of crystal nucleation and
growth as well as studies of casting defects and process technology.
Lars Arnberg has a wide international network; he has research cooperation with leading
groups in the area of solidification in Europe, USA and Australia. He has more than 150
publications and has received international rewards for his research.

Published March 13, 2006

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