Professor Hervé Combeau
Ecole des Mines de Nancy

Hervé Combeau (born 1959) is MSc from the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorainne (INPL, 1981) and got his doctorate degree in mechanical engineering from the same university in 1986. Combeau started his career at university in 1986 as assistant professor at the Nancy I university (IUT Longwy) where he taught heat transfer, air treatment and thermodynamic. Then, he enter at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy in 1988 where he is presently professor. He teach fluid mechanics, modelling and numerical simulation, combustion. Moreover, he is responsible of the department of  Production and Transformation of Energy. His field of research is the mathematical modeling of transport phenomena occurring during solidification. Combeau has developed several software used by industry for microstructures, macrosegregations, microsegregations predictions. He is the author or co-author of 23 international publications and he advised or co-advised 19 PhD. A major part of his research is carried out in collaboration with industrial and academic partners from France and aboard.   

Selected publications last 5 years:

G.Lesoult, V. Albert, B. Appolaire, H. Combeau, D. Daloz, A. Joly, C. Stomp, G.U. Grün, P. Jarry, Equiaxed growth and related segregations in cast metallic alloys, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 2, 2001,pp. 285-291.

O. Nielsen, B. Appolaire, H. Combeau, A. Mo, Measurements and modeling of the microstructural morphology during equiaxed solidification of Al-Cu alloys, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, 2001, vol. 32A, pp. 2049 – 2060.

S. Gerardin, H. Combeau, G. Lesoult, Etude de l’effet du mouvement relatif cristal/liquide sur la croissance d’un cristal dendritique dans un liquide en surfusion, J. Phys. IV, 2001, vol 11, pp. Pr6-143-150

G. Guillemot, Ch.-A. Gandin, H. Combeau, R. Heringer, A New Cellular Automaton - Finite Element Coupling Scheme for Alloy Solidification, Modelling and Simulation, Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 12, n° 3, 2004, pp. 545 – 556

L. Thuinet, H. Combeau, Prediction of macrosegregation during the solidification involving a peritectic transformation for multicomponent steels, Journal of Materials Science, vol. 39, 2004, 7213-7219.

D. Daloz, H. Combeau, S. Sferdjella, B. Commet, Ph. Jarry , Influence of convection on the solidification behaviour during DC Casting of a 5182 aluminiuim alloy , Aluminium, vol 80, june 2004, pp 603-608.

E.P. van Klaveren, H. Combeau, R. Klieft, Modeling of crystal solidification in a full-scale ingot : prediction of grain size and morphology using the VIR[CAST] grain growth model, Aluminium, vol 80, june 2004, pp 609-614.

H. Combeau, B. Appolaire, B. Dussoubs, N. Houti, Prediction of the macro and microstructures of solidification in DC casting of aluminium, Aluminium, vol 80, june 2004, pp 614-619.

S. Gouttebroze, V.D. Fachinotti, M. Bellet, H. Combeau, 3D-FEM Modeling of Macrosegregation in Solidification of Binary Alloys,  International Journal of Forming Processes, 2005, VOL 8/SI - 2005 - pp.203-217. 

Published April 22, 2006